P2 is WordPress for
Group Collaboration

Create your own social network to share updates, organize projects, or build a community.


No More Messy Group Emails

With P2 you can post updates and invite others to contribute — keep conversations private, or make your site public for everyone. No more losing conversations and important documents inside email threads.

View of the P2 Theme Status Update

Everything you need to foster powerful collaboration

P2 is perfect for organizing projects at work, at school, or with community organizations and PTAs — any place where groups need to share information and ideas with each other.


Post right from the homepage — share your ideas quickly.


Publish text, photos, PDFs, GIFs, video, and links.  

Fun & Friendly

Ping other group members, like their posts, or reply in comment threads.

Easy to Follow

Get notified about new posts or comments via email or the WordPress mobile and desktop apps.

Private or Public

Manage community members, and what they can post — invite them to contribute, or make them moderators.


Change the site’s design and sidebar text to include important links and projects, descriptions of the group and its goals, and visual elements to make it your own.