1.4.0 – April 2012

  • Todo list creation: use lowercase “o” and “x“.
  • Add support for custom menus.
  • Allow mentions to work with default permalink setting.
  • Multiple updates to iPhone stylesheet.
  • Ensure that mentions get recorded in post/comment meta.
  • Remove call to get_users_of_blogs().
  • Multiple textdomain fixes.
  • RTL style fixes.
  • Fix textarea resizing for front-end editing.
  • Use dollar sign to reference the jQuery object.
  • Better i18n for strings in p2_get_discussion_links().
  • Add styling for abbr element.
  • CSS Cleanup.
  • Better support for Latex images.
  • Replace call to deprecated function get_userdatabylogin().

1.5.8 – January 2016

  •  Switch the order of esc_like/escape calls

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