1.5.2 – November 2013

  • Fix posting bug with Chrome 31.x
  • Fix broken “selected” class values for post form
  • Better not found message on author results
  • Swap out get_term_link for get_tag_link to avoid fatal errors when an error object is returned
  • Trigger a custom JavaScript event when new post is created or edited
  • Fix keyboard keys and keyboard shortcut menu clash
  • Minor JS fixes to add missing semicolons and better check for updating title with newupdates count
  • Only implement “p2_hide_threads” theme option when on non-singular views
  • When hide comments on homepage option is on, don’t try to link to in-page comments in Recent Comments widget
  • Turkish translation added, via erayaydin
  • Serbian translation added, from Andrijana Nikolic

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