1.5 – June 2013

  • Added autofocus during the dropdown code so hitting enter selects the first entry.
  • Made minor adjustments to print stylesheet to fix formatting issues, and to increase the main font size slightly.
  • Updated license.
  • Logged in non-members need to be able to access the logged_in_out action as well.
  • Now calls P2’s upgrade routine before dispatching AJAX requests.
  • Made sure that AJAX call has a random query string so that it isn’t cached, when P2 upgrades itself via an AJAX call. May help an upgrade race condition.
  • Split AJAX calls into two groups. Public requests are handled by a new “feed” URL: /feed/p2.ajax/. Private requests are still handled by admin-ajax.php.
  • Added forward compat with 3.6.
  • Made error message translatable.
  • Avoids a warning when the comment is null.
  • Added Swedish (sv_SE) language files, props tdh (Thord Daniel Hedengren)

1.5.8 – January 2016

  •  Switch the order of esc_like/escape calls

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