1.4.3 – May 2013

Fixed JS errors caused by the x-post autocomplete menu. Enqueues scripts and styles via callback. New screenshot at 600×450 for HiDPI support. Restructured JS code in p2.js. Uses a filter to modify the output of wp_title(). Removed unnecessary top margin for the blog title from the iPhone. Cleanup of some formatting (whitespace) and strings (for […]

1.4.1 – July 2012

Replace image usage with css where possible. Add 2x versions of all icons for retina displays. Replace the spinner gif with spin.js. Remove all rss icons and links from the theme. Fix double margin bug with the avatar in post form. Fix jumpiness when comments are edited.

1.4.0 – April 2012

Todo list creation: use lowercase “o” and “x“. Add support for custom menus. Allow mentions to work with default permalink setting. Multiple updates to iPhone stylesheet. Ensure that mentions get recorded in post/comment meta. Remove call to get_users_of_blogs(). Multiple textdomain fixes. RTL style fixes. Fix textarea resizing for front-end editing. Use dollar sign to reference […]