1.5.7 – October 2015

Add HTML5 form input styles Add “p2_date_time_with_microformat” filter to allow date/time localization Add theme showcase link in footer Remove deprecated widget notices, now using PHP5 style constructors Prevent textarea from automatically focusing on customizer preview Prevent “Add Media” button from hiding in certain situations Fix issue that required a refresh when publishing posts/replies Fix issue […]

1.5.5 – July 2014

Allow user scaling on mobile version, props ryansommers Move viewport meta element to header, to load for all user agents, props ryansommers Fix audio player styles, props targz-1 Fix menu display bug when custom header image is enabled and header text is hidden + a menu is visible Fix PHP warnings for strict mode Fix […]

1.5.4 – June 2014

Reduce text strings to avoid too many similar strings for easier translation Add display inline-block to Sharedaddy lists to avoid issue with lists in the content Fix tooltip issue with Recent Comments widget, reported by Mazen Gamal Mesbah @mazengamal

1.5.3 – February 2014

Add earlier filter to mentions URLs in case term doesn’t exist Add !important to #wrapper width property to fix iPhone stylesheet issue if no sidebar option is ticked Stylesheet tags: update Width terms to Layout Add ID argument when applying the_title filters, to match core Remove reliance on is_super_admin() for mention functionality Image optimization (PNG […]

1.5.2 – November 2013

Fix posting bug with Chrome 31.x Fix broken “selected” class values for post form Better not found message on author results Swap out get_term_link for get_tag_link to avoid fatal errors when an error object is returned Trigger a custom JavaScript event when new post is created or edited Fix keyboard keys and keyboard shortcut menu […]

1.5 – June 2013

Added autofocus during the dropdown code so hitting enter selects the first entry. Made minor adjustments to print stylesheet to fix formatting issues, and to increase the main font size slightly. Updated license. Logged in non-members need to be able to access the logged_in_out action as well. Now calls P2’s upgrade routine before dispatching AJAX […]

1.4.3 – May 2013

Fixed JS errors caused by the x-post autocomplete menu. Enqueues scripts and styles via callback. New screenshot at 600×450 for HiDPI support. Restructured JS code in p2.js. Uses a filter to modify the output of wp_title(). Removed unnecessary top margin for the blog title from the iPhone. Cleanup of some formatting (whitespace) and strings (for […]